Why Gen X Believes Gen Z's Road is Rougher

Why Gen X Believes Gen Z’s Road is Rougher

From economic hurdles to housing crises: Unpacking the unique challenges Gen Z faces through the concerned eyes of Generation X.

In an unexpected twist, the older generation is sounding the alarm: Generation Z might have it harder than they did. 

We dive into this paradigm shift, understanding why some Gen X adults worry about the “digital natives.”

Facing the Economic Mountain

It is not just avocados that have gotten expensive; Jessica McCabe, a 51-year-old Gen Xer, points to the skyrocketing costs of practically everything โ€” from housing to the necessities required for a job hunt today. 

This grim economic landscape has many in her generation worrying about what lies ahead for their kids and grandkids.

The Homeownership Dream: Only a Mirage?

Gillian Harvey, a writer living in France, feels homeownership, a dream she could realize, is slipping away for Gen Z. 

The statistics back her fears; with property prices surging by a massive 135% since 2001, the dream seems more distant for many.

An Uncertain Tomorrow

Sally Howard, a journalist, adds to this, expressing that Gen Z faces a society where opportunities seem to be shrinking rather than expanding. 

The buzz and opportunities of big cities are becoming inaccessible due to housing crises, leaving many young individuals with a path that needs to be clarified.

Gen Z: Sensible Yet Shackled

However, amidst these trials, Gen Z has shown a remarkable sensibility, reflecting their tumultuous times. 

This generation is bracing for the rocky roads ahead with a pragmatic approach to life โ€” opting for stability over adventure, a choice influenced by the times they find themselves in.

Wrapping Up

Gen X observes, with mixed feelings of admiration and sadness, as Gen Z prepares to navigate a world more complex than the one they knew. 

It is a steep path, but if any generation is equipped to forge a new trail, it is the resilient Gen Z. 

Let us foster understanding and unity as we embrace the challenges and possibilities the future holds.

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