Catchy Slang Trends of 2023 What is in Vogue

Catchy Slang Trends of 2023: What is in Vogue?

Discover the coolest 2023 slang trends! From “flex” to “nepo baby,” stay updated with the latest linguistic expressions in this fun news article.


As language evolves, so does slang. 

In 2023, new words and phrases have emerged, reflecting the changing times and the vibrant culture of the youth. 

Let us dive into some of the coolest slang expressions that have taken over conversations this year!

Flex – Flaunting Your Success

“Flex” has become the go-to term for showing off one’s achievements, possessions, or skills. People use it to boast about their new gadgets or accomplishments on social media, like saying, “He’s always flexing his new gadgets on social media.”

Vibin’ – Embracing Positivity

Feeling good, relaxed, or happy? You’re probably “vibin'”! It’s a word used to describe a positive mood or the joy of hanging out with friends and enjoying music, like saying, “Just hanging out with friends, vibin’ to some music.”

Ghost – Mysterious Disappearance

When someone abruptly stops responding to messages or calls without any explanation, they are “ghosting” you. For instance, “I thought things were going well, but he ghosted me after our last date.”

Snatched – Stunning Attractiveness

When someone looks exceptionally attractive or wears a killer outfit, they are said to be “snatched.” For example, “She showed up at the party looking snatched in that dress.”

Slay – Excelling Like a Pro

“Slay” is about excelling and performing exceptionally well in a particular activity. For instance, if someone nails a presentation at work, you might say, “She slayed her presentation at work today.”

Salty – Irritated or Bitter

Feeling irritated or resentful? You might be “salty.” It is a word that describes that negative feeling, like saying, “He got a bit salty when his team lost the game.”

Glow-up – Positive Transformation

“Glow-up” refers to a significant positive transformation in appearance or personality over time. When you see someone who has changed for the better, you might say, “Have you seen her before and after pictures? It’s a total glow-up!”

Woke – Socially Aware and Conscious

To be “woke” means to be socially aware and conscious, especially about issues related to social justice. For instance, “He’s woke about environmental sustainability.”

Tea – Juicy Gossip

When you hear some juicy gossip or exciting information about someone or something, it’s called “tea.” For example, “Spill the tea on what happened last night’s party!”

On Fleek – Perfect and Well-Put Together

When something is perfectly on point or well put together, it’s described as “on fleek.” For instance, if someone’s makeup is flawless, you might say, “Her makeup is on fleek today!”

Rizz – Mastering Skills

“Rizz” is a verb that signifies being good at something or having exceptional skills. It can also serve as an adjective for describing something excellent, like saying, “Her dance moves are rizz.”

Ussy – Playful Suffix

The suffix “-ussy” adds a playful touch to words, making them sound informal and fun. For instance, you could say “pizzussy” for pizza or “robotussy” for a robot.

Quiet Quitting – Discreetly Backing Out

“Quiet quitting” refers to when someone silently quits or withdraws from something without giving any explanation. It can be used literally or figuratively, as in “She quietly quit the project without telling anyone.”

Verse – Identifying Online Communities

Adding “-verse” to words creates new terms for specific online communities or subcultures. For instance, “tiktokverse” refers to TikTok users, and “furryverse” denotes the community of furries.

Menty b – Being Petty

“Menty b” is slang used to describe someone who is being mean or petty, often joking or ironic, like saying, “Don’t be so menty b, it’s just a game.”

Touch Grass – Get a Grip on Reality

“Touch grass” is a phrase that advises someone to step away from the virtual world and reconnect with reality, like saying, “You need to touch grass and take a break from the internet.”

The Ick – Sudden Dislike

“The ick” expresses a sudden disgust or dislike for someone or something, particularly in romantic contexts, as in “I got the ick after that date.”

Nepo Baby – Privileged by Family Connections

A “nepo baby” achieved success or privilege because of their family connections. It is often used negatively to imply undeserved success, like saying, “He is just a nepo baby, not talented on his own.”


Language is ever-changing, and slang provides insight into each generation’s cultural shifts and expressions. 

From flexing to ghosting and the emergence of exciting new terms, 2023’s slang reflects the diversity and creativity of the young and dynamic society. 

Keep an ear out for these vibrant expressions and have fun with the ever-evolving language of the times!

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