Generation X's New Homefront Unveiling America's Top Cities for Midlife Migration

Generation X’s New Homefront: Unveiling America’s Top Cities for Midlife Migration

Uncover top U.S. cities drawing Gen Xers towards retirement, highlighted by SmartAsset’s analysis of Census data. Explore their growing economic impact.

Introduction: The Rising Influence of Generation X

As they approach pivotal life transitions, including sending children to college and edging closer to retirement, Generation X is making a noticeable impact on the economic landscape. 

Known for their financial acumen, this demographic, aged 45 to 54, is leveraging the power of compound interest alongside career advancements. 

This strategic approach positions them as key influencers in local economies, outpacing the impact of their younger peers despite a lower mobility rate.

SmartAsset’s Insightful Analysis: Tracing Gen X Movements

SmartAsset delved into U.S. Census Bureau data to understand this demographic shift, examining 268 of the largest U.S. cities. 

Their objective? 

To identify and rank the urban areas most appealing to Gen Xers.

Revealing Key Findings: Gen X’s Preferred Destinations

  1. Bend, Oregon: A Surprising Choice Among Retirees: Bend has climbed the ranks to join popular retiree cities like Surprise, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ. This Oregon city attracts Gen Xers primarily from its county and state.
  2. Texas Cities: Leading in Gen X Population: Allen and Frisco in Texas, despite not topping the list for new arrivals, have the highest proportion of Gen X residents compared to their total population.
  3. George, Utah: A Haven for Out-of-State Gen Xers: St. George stands out for attracting many Gen Xers from outside Utah, marking it a sixth-ranked destination for this group.
  4. Hialeah, FL: Drawing Foreign-Born Gen Xers: Hialeah, ranking tenth, sees a relative surge in foreign-born Gen Xers, although most of its 35,000 new Gen X residents are from within Miami-Dade County.

Top 10 Cities Attracting Gen X

  1. Surprise, AZ: Experiences a significant influx of Gen X residents.
  2. Bend, Oregon: Becomes increasingly popular among Gen Xers.
  3. Scottsdale, Arizona: Sees a rise in Gen X population.
  4. Orlando, Florida: Attracts a notable number of Gen X residents.
  5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Welcomes a substantial Gen X community.
  6. St. George, Utah: Appeals to a growing number of Gen Xers.
  7. Jackson, Mississippi: Experiences an influx of Gen X residents.
  8. Wichita Falls, Texas: Draws a significant Gen X population.
  9. Hartford, Connecticut: Becomes a favored destination for Gen Xers.
  10. Hialeah, Florida: Witnesses growth in its Gen X demographic.

Methodology: Unpacking the Data

The data, sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey, encompassed 268 cities with a population exceeding 100,000. 

Gen Xers were defined as those aged 45 to 54, with cities ranked based on the percentage of Gen Xers relocating there in 2022.

Conclusion: The Shifting American Urban Landscape

This insightful study sheds light on the changing American urban landscape, underlining Generation X’s growing role in reshaping local economies and communities. 

As they transition into new life stages, their residential choices redefine urban living in the U.S.

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